Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Well today was a day of learned lessons. Writers are typically writing lessons, and today I had to learn about perseverance. My computer was dragging all morning, then I lost a document as it was almost ready to send to the editor. I spent over an hour redoing it, but it was accepted and to date, I am doing pretty good with demandstudios.com in submissions vs. rejections.

I have found my articles archived after they get posted on the various websites. One I've been writing for a lot is www.ehow.com so check out my list at http://www.ehow.com/members/ds_bda9bd95-f50a-4b75-88e0-65116a3b4201.html

It's like a mother showing off her children. Speaking of - off to pick up mine. It's not even zero outside. Brrrr.

Today I wrote "Motels in Quesada, Costa Rica" and "Motels in Sunbury, PA". Still want to hear back about that more permanent travel writing position. That would be amazing......

Writers- the more you get discouraged, the more you have to write, write, write. My only limitation is that I have to sleep! Alrighty - bye for now.

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