Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Good Morning Writers!

Good Morning Writers! If you're like me you fall into a rut sometimes with writing - I have had that same problem for the past couple of days, for some reason the "thrill" is gone and writing feels just like a chore. It has not stopped me from being productive. For example, today on, a website where approved writers can select assignments and write for pay, I took on "fentanyl citrate" and did just a 30 word blurb.

This was helpful because it was a small, doable assignment and allowed me to feel like I was accomplishing something. Fentanyl citrate btw is an anesthetic used on for pain management in cancer patients, and also as a general anesthesia in operating rooms, or at least I think that's right.

In any case - I posted the finished piece and am waiting for approval. Then I went on to "where is Godiva chocolate manufactured?" Food? Yes ! So I then went on to do the research - never as easy or as straight forward, Google or no Google and again, I learned and completed another short blurb for publication. For example, Reading, Pennsylvania is where the U.S. plant is located (Brussels manufactures for the rest of the world), a city just north west of Philadelphia. I enjoy learning about places and where they're near.

So - if you are in a rut - start small and build up and OUT. Keep writing, it's for your own good!

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  1. I loved the articles you wrote that were framed in your house when you lived in Newport. I'm looking forward to perusing your blog!