Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Good Morning Writers!

Good Morning Writers! If you're like me you fall into a rut sometimes with writing - I have had that same problem for the past couple of days, for some reason the "thrill" is gone and writing feels just like a chore. It has not stopped me from being productive. For example, today on, a website where approved writers can select assignments and write for pay, I took on "fentanyl citrate" and did just a 30 word blurb.

This was helpful because it was a small, doable assignment and allowed me to feel like I was accomplishing something. Fentanyl citrate btw is an anesthetic used on for pain management in cancer patients, and also as a general anesthesia in operating rooms, or at least I think that's right.

In any case - I posted the finished piece and am waiting for approval. Then I went on to "where is Godiva chocolate manufactured?" Food? Yes ! So I then went on to do the research - never as easy or as straight forward, Google or no Google and again, I learned and completed another short blurb for publication. For example, Reading, Pennsylvania is where the U.S. plant is located (Brussels manufactures for the rest of the world), a city just north west of Philadelphia. I enjoy learning about places and where they're near.

So - if you are in a rut - start small and build up and OUT. Keep writing, it's for your own good!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Almost Rejected Writer

Today the mojo had drained. I didn't want to kill myself researching and writing an article "SCUBA resorts in the Florida Keys", and man the editor sent it back to me with more red ink than imaginable. He/she could have just rejected it - I got lucky that way, as these are spec jobs and if it's no good then you've just worked for nothing.

I guess I got greedy wanting to stick with my goal of writing two pieces a day, so I skated through it hoping they wouldn't notice the flaws. I was wrong.

Then again, my friend Mary today said that I had been worried too much about perfectionism. She's right.

Tonight I made my beloved pork roast again with apricot glaze and cranberry shallot sauce. Devine with mashed potatoes now made hands free in the new electric mixer my father the great chef du jour gave me for Christmas. I'm now on the prowl for the right appetizer to feed a group at church this Friday night. Don't want to over do it, but it is tempting....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Well today was a day of learned lessons. Writers are typically writing lessons, and today I had to learn about perseverance. My computer was dragging all morning, then I lost a document as it was almost ready to send to the editor. I spent over an hour redoing it, but it was accepted and to date, I am doing pretty good with in submissions vs. rejections.

I have found my articles archived after they get posted on the various websites. One I've been writing for a lot is so check out my list at

It's like a mother showing off her children. Speaking of - off to pick up mine. It's not even zero outside. Brrrr.

Today I wrote "Motels in Quesada, Costa Rica" and "Motels in Sunbury, PA". Still want to hear back about that more permanent travel writing position. That would be amazing......

Writers- the more you get discouraged, the more you have to write, write, write. My only limitation is that I have to sleep! Alrighty - bye for now.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Ok - here it is, my first travel piece written on line exclusively for online content.

More later - running out the door into 3 degree weather to pick up kids from school.