Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Almost Rejected Writer

Today the mojo had drained. I didn't want to kill myself researching and writing an article "SCUBA resorts in the Florida Keys", and man the editor sent it back to me with more red ink than imaginable. He/she could have just rejected it - I got lucky that way, as these are spec jobs and if it's no good then you've just worked for nothing.

I guess I got greedy wanting to stick with my goal of writing two pieces a day, so I skated through it hoping they wouldn't notice the flaws. I was wrong.

Then again, my friend Mary today said that I had been worried too much about perfectionism. She's right.

Tonight I made my beloved pork roast again with apricot glaze and cranberry shallot sauce. Devine with mashed potatoes now made hands free in the new electric mixer my father the great chef du jour gave me for Christmas. I'm now on the prowl for the right appetizer to feed a group at church this Friday night. Don't want to over do it, but it is tempting....

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