Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year Writers!

As I sit here dreading the cold I must brave to do my dinner shopping for tonight's feast of apricot pork tenderloin with cranberry peppersauce, mashed potatoes with butternut squash, green beans and something store bought for desert, I am still a published writer, still a rejected writer, still a writer.

My mother, an intelligent attorney from Southern California, was here for 5 days for Christmas, I miss her!

Ok, tangent.

Writers do that. Our thoughts go from A-Z sometimes, but sometimes C to P to M plus 12. It's just the life of an artist. Speaking of, my friend HW Dugeon has the most amazing blog, I will post it one of these days - very inspirational. and I are still getting to know one another. At least they are still publishing my pieces, but I can't seem to find them on line - and this is a great missing link as writers love to see their final work as a reader would. It's like losing your great lost love to a competitor if you can not hold it in your hands yourself.

Good news, via I have found a posting for travel writers needed. I do not have many travel pieces archived, so I have to get to work digging and clipping.

Alrighty - off to the shower, the store, my kitchen - hooray!

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