Saturday, December 26, 2009

First Rejection of the Week

Oh man, maybe I spoke to soon, braggin about the cha-ching of my PayPal account. Today, I got up before dawn as planned, coffee automatically greeted me, the house was deliciously quiet, snow laid out nicely outside, but all cozy inside-perfect writing weather. I planned on tackling "Wheelchair Accessible Hotels in Vilamoura", and low and behold - an easy, 30 word filler I had submitted to was rejected as my source didn't have enough weight.

I completely understood their point of view, but ouch, getting a bounce over 30 words really stuck. I then suddenly felt afraid as I looked at my draft of "Wheelchair" and thought "am I crazy? I had never even heard of Vilamoura!"

Two hours later, I was still editing, it was 8 am and the house was stirring. A panic swept over me as I was worried that now this one semi-decent piece would be shelved for the next several hours. Somehow, I pulled it off, in between kisses from my youngest son, 6 and questions from my other son 10. Still seething from my rejection, I read then re-read the piece and figured "ok - here we go."

The first reply from an editor I got back a few hours later read "good article- just a few queries." Hooray. Tomorrow - I'll see if the corrections got me an "accepted" post or my second rejection. Either way, the article, about this drop dead gorgeous resort area of southern Portugual, has re-ignited my interest in travel. Currently it's 18 degrees in Cedar Rapids, so writing about a warm sunny place did my heart good. Tomorrow, goal is to be up at 5:30. Coffee machine has been reprogrammed to greet me. The article : The best all includsive resorts in Jamaica. Yummm....

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